Monday, April 13, 2020

Create Task Post 8

I have finally completed the writing portion of the create task and edited it as well. In addition, I completed the video as well and have already checked that it is under 1 minute and the correct size. The writing portion also has the screenshots of the code it is talking about included. During this session I have also done the marking up of the code. I wound up using the Adobe software because the other site wound up causing problems for me. But the code markup is done. I double checked everything and then I went on to the college board website to officially turn everything in. I obviously checked everything one more as the website makes that a requirement before officially submitting the documents. I have now turned in all of the requirements for the create task and I am really happy!

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Create Task Post 7

For the writing portion of the project I have completed everything but part 2a. That is because I haven't done the video yet as I wanted to make sure I was satisfied with my code that way I didn't have to redo the video if I made any changes. At this point I am happy with my code and I believe that I can make my video next time. After that I will do part 2a, edit the other writing sections to make sure they are up to par, add pictures of the code, and then I am done. Other than turning it in of course. I am pretty happy with my progress so far and I think I will be done this weekend. Once I do the video it is pretty much just editing and double checking that I have everything that I need.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Create Task Post 6

I finally have been able to start working on my writing portion. I started working on part 2b as I have not done the video because I want to do that last and ensure that I don't make any more edits. I don't want to have to redo the video if I happen to change something about my code like I did the last time I had to check on my code. 2b actually took a while because I obviously just had a problem with my code so I could write that down and how I fixed it, but I was struggling to remember another problem that had occurred. Luckily I was able to remember a slight issue I had had back near the beginning of the writing of my code. I also managed to keep it under 200 words which was good because I remember I had trouble keeping it under the word limit on the explore task. On the writing portion I would say that I am about a quarter of the way done. Every day I am going to try and get one section done that way I have plenty of time for editing.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Create Task Post 5

As I was going to start the writing portion in more depth, I decided to look at the examples you had posted for us on the website. I then realized that I did not have a math portion of code. I did have a price section but that was just me typing in answers. So I decided to do a major edit and redo my checkout station. Now the checkout station actually adds a certain amount onto the overall price depending on how many flowers there are. While I keep saying this, now I think I am actually done on the code. In the end though I would say that I am at the same level of completeness as the last check in because I didn't get any farther on the writing as the coding took up my time. I had a lot of problems with this edit and I actually had to make a whole new function to actually fix that problem. In addition I had to fix my ranges as they were in the wrong spot resulting in the same message being repeated over and over again even if the number was supposed to be for a different message. Overall though I feel like my code fits the criteria more than it did before.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Create Task Post 4

My code is done at this point and I am pretty happy with it. Now I have started to work on the writing portion of the create task. Currently, before I start writing I wanted to find all of the areas that I want to feature in my writing. For example I am probably going to do my add flower program as an example for part 2c. I guess you could say I am working on my "skeleton" set-up for the writing just trying to make sure that I have what I need. Hopefully next time I can actually start my first draft and then maybe even begin to start editing. I don't want to do my video yet though until I know that I have everything in my code so I can make any edits needed. But I would say since my code is done, I am probably at like a 6 or maybe even a 7 for completeness. That number might go down though depending on how much I struggle with the writing portion.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Create Task Post 3

Mostly what I did in this session was add color to the code. I tried to color code it so that every function had it's own color that way it is easier for the user to figure out what they are supposed to do. I tried to not add too much color but I personally find that having color makes it easier to read what I am seeing and I think it makes it look more organized. Next time I might change around how much color I used but for now I am pretty happy with how it looks. When I went through the code no obvious problems popped out at me so I believe that my code is finished. Obviously before I take a video of my code I will take a much closer look at the code to confirm that it is up to par.
Next time I believe I will be ready to work on the writing aspect of the project and this might then spur me to make changes to my code if I find it needs to better fit something. But as of right now I believe I am in a good spot.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Crate Task Post 2

Since I had already created the outline of my code on the last session, this time I focused on filling in some of the missing pieces. For example, I created a function for the checkout station that will be put at the end of the program. I also edited some of my other functions to make them a little neater. (In addition I had to edit a few of them to make sure they would actually work.) Next time I work on my program I want to add color to make it easier to read an add blank lines so that it is neater for the user to see. On a scale of 1-10 on how complete I am I would say a 5 or a 6. I think I have most of the content I need in my code already it is just making it neater, personalizing it, and possibly more debugging or reworking some parts.